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Artwell will support the arts programs in Torrington Public Schools. Try Smile.Amazon and select Artwell as the not for profit of your choice. A percentage of most purchases will go to Artwell.

A message from the Michael Yurgeles, Executive Director:

Artwell was founded in 1995 to meet the needs of Litchfield County artists who needed a place to practice life drawing, and to exhibit their work and that of other artists in and outside of the county. The art landscape has changed since 1995. Fewer people have the time or means to participate in membership arts organizations. However, supporting art education is now more critical than ever. Students and faculty in public schools need help in order to give the next generation of artists/designers a solid education.

It is my belief that Artwell’s needs to change course and concentrate on helping the cause of arts (and STEAM) education in our community. To this end, I call upon all interested in helping the Artwell Gallery become Artwell Education.

Anyone interested in helping to shape the future of Artwell, please feel free to contact me at mkyurgeles@gmail.com Thanks!

-Michael Yurgeles

Olivia Kochw 
Olivia Koch. Holga Self Portrait


The Plastic, Fantastic Holga Workshop was a great success. Nine people attended and learned how to use the Holga, develop film, and make prints. Planning for future workshops and a community darkroom are now underway.

Holga Workshop Group 2017w

2017 Holga Workshop. Left to right, back, Clinton Sosna, Nancy Yurgeles, Linda Rosenbeck, Suzanne Czerwinski, Olivia Koch, Megan Gibbs, Laura Hedenberg. Front, Michael Yurgeles, Macayla Muzzulin (Artwell scholarship award.) Not present, Aislyn Hedenberg.

Artwell Gallery, Inc. is an artists’ collective, that offers education in the visual arts, and serves as a forum in which the role the visual arts play in our society can be discussed and explored in order to promote a better understanding and greater appreciation of the visual arts by residents of Litchfield County and surrounding areas.

Artwell is a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization.


Supporting art education in Litchfield County and beyond.