The new classroom is ready to go! so much light and character, a great space to learn and create in.

Artwell opens Fall Education season in our new space!

Artwell opens Fall Education season in our new space!

Sign up today, classes start this week
new! evening workshops for adults :: The Art of the Still Life with Renee Bascetta
October 9–November 13 ★ Wednesday 6:30–8:30 ★ ages 16+ take a look→
Basic Drawing with Jacob Aronow 
Δ October 12–November 9 Δ Saturdays 1:00–3:00 Δ beginners of all ages check it →

Nature’s Patterns and Geometries click for details
October 12–November 16 ∆ Saturday Mornings 10:00–12:00 ages 10 and up



What a day today! Special thanks to Mike Y, Nancy Y, Darlene, Renee B, Sebastian B, Stewart W, Linda D. and Tom B. Also thank our lucky stars for Patrick the scrap metal guy (one strong mother f… shut your mouth) for removing the last of the unwanted metal from the space. Thanks Aurora and Matt for the dumpster. Artwell is truly blessed. Also Jason T. for getting us internet. woop woop! Our big classroom got a fresh coat of paint too! Over and out  ☠ SueB

Artwell is on the move!

Artwelll is on the move!

Over the years Artwell has helped many people. Now our hard working crew needs your help in return. We can use you on any of the days below, please come by and see Sue or Kath, they will gladly put you to work! We have had a generous donor pay for a truck and movers. With just a little help from you, we can move into our new home with ease. Please consider helping Artwell, thanking them for years of commitment to the arts, our community, and local artists.

Saturday Sept 21 ::
consolidate items in 19 Water Street (everyone get boxes if you can) 10:00am-4:00pm

Monday sept 23–Thursday sept 26::
we need people to pack boxes at 45 Main and move them to the front of the gallery. Times will be posted shortly.

Friday Sept 27::
The movers come to load the truck. Anyone that can be on hand, please do so. Times will be posted shortly.

Thank You!



metal file cabinets, desks and shelves> FREE> first come, first serve. 2,3 and 4 drawers> these will be gone by next tuesday. Can be picked up Saturday 10-2