Interview with Artist Giovanna Adams

Giovanna Adams is an award winning fantasy artist and illustrator living in the beautiful hills of northwestern Connecticut, with her husband and two pixies. Giovanna’s artwork is collected internationally and her images have been licensed for a variety of products sold worldwide.

She began painting faeries professionally in 2006. Later that year, Giovanna began to research faerie folklore in other countries across the globe and found the belief of the fey in all cultures of the world. She launched her ongoing “Faeries of Color™” series, which depicts a culturally diverse world of the fey in 2007.

When not working on personal fey works, Giovanna also delights in illustrating children’s books and writing young adult novels. Giovanna also instructs courses in fantasy drawing, illustration and advanced drawing at Artwell Gallery.

Giovanna shares with us her working philosphy and the inspirations that inform her work in this interview:

AW: How would you describe your work?

GA: I like to think of my artwork as touching the boundaries between fantasy and reality. I truly believe in the idea that what the human eye sees is not all that exists in this world. Fantasy art has allowed me to tap into those worlds and bring them to life.

AW: What are your favorite sources of inspiration?

GA: Ideas are all around me. I find inspiration in books, music, dreams, nightmares, and sometimes in simple phrases that randomly pop into my mind. I am most often influenced by legends, folklore, and mythology.

AW: What other artists do you admire?

GA: There are so many artists that I admire for different reasons from technique to style or subject matter. A few are, Arthur Rackham, Salvador Dali, JW Waterhouse, Michael Parks, Brian Froud, Michael Whelan and Daniel Merriam

AW: Do you have formal training?

GA: Yes. I attended the Colorado Institute of Art back in the early 1990’s for Visual Communications (graphic design). The degree program taught me a lot about both drawing and design. My training in graphic design has been a wonderful addition to my career as a Fantasy artist, as I’ve relied on it in designing my own logos, promotional items and so much more. Otherwise, I’ve spent 20 plus years learning a ton from art books and studying master artists.

AW: What other mediums, if any, do you work in? Do the other mediums intersect and play off of each other?

GA: I work mostly in watercolor, although you’ll find, digital paintings in my online galleries as well. I also enjoy layering many different mediums within a painting and find that often creates a fascinating result. Over the years, I seemed to add more and more mediums to my paintings such as, watercolor, acrylic, ink, pastel and colored pencil.

AW: Can you describe your most fulfilling project?

GA: My most fulfilling projects have usually been a part of my personal collection; paintings that I have had no deadlines and have been purely for created for viewing. I am also passionate about children’s book illustration, so those types of projects are also my favorite as well.

See more of Giovanna’s work at her website: The Art of Giovanna.