Ryan Dolan

ryan_dolan1Calder at the Wadsworth
July 2012
Pinhole photograph with handmade camera. Digital print of scanned negative.
Approx. 26″ x 22″

Meriden, CT

Artist Statement
I am a pinhole photographer.

My work is shot on a variety of photographic papers and films, in cameras that I design and construct myself. This process has captivated me since the day I took a pin to a piece of soda can and built my first camera. In the years since, I have developed a deep understanding of the materials and processes which make pinhole unique and in doing so my work has constantly evolved.

Simply put, my subject is time. Pinhole photography has a way of slowing down that which passes before the aperture, while dramatically exaggerating the contrast between the static and the dynamic.

This process is tedious, it is low tech, it is impossibly slow, and it is the most beautiful form of visual expression I have ever encountered. My goal is to create photographs which honestly capture that sentiment while providing viewers with a unique perspective of the world around us.