Judit Pap

October 21, 2011
Archival Inkjet Print of digital image,
on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl
(285 gsm)

Nashville, TN

Artist Statement
“A picture is a poem without words” (Horatius)

Photography, to me, is the ultimate asset to transmit and transcend the reality of time and space. The greatest beauty of life is its sponateity, its curious unexpectedness and the uniqueness of each moment or feeling we experience. This beauty is what I attempt to honor with my art. I create images that speak to viewers about the uniqueness of otherwise unimportant moments or objects, and about feelings and thoughts, may it be mine or their own.

From an early age I recognized my artistic calling and began experimenting with different forms of art, mostly drawing, painting, and writing. However, I struggled to find the full richness of my creative voice. Then in late 2010 I received as a gift my first camera, a small point and shoot. As I began taking photographs I suddenly found that, unlike any other artistic form, I was able to articulate all that I saw and felt in life.

Photography has become my deepest and truest passion. I am inspired by impulses and emotions and I want to be able to capture them when they happen. I am most interested in the details and subtleties of the ordinary and the unusual charm of the customary.