George Hale

April 3, 2011
Digital print
12×15 framed

Torrington, CT

Artist Statement
I am self-taught as a photographer, after getting a camera unexpectedly as a Christmas gift about ten years ago. Prior to that, I focused my creative energy on writing, having studied it while at college, graduating with a degree in English.

As I took picture after picture, I found that the same types of things I’d focus on in writing, began appearing in my photographs. The telling details I was taught to visualize when I sat down with a pen in hand to try and tell a story, were the same types of things my eye was zeroing in on through the view finder. It is these details that form the image, either in the imagination, or on the final print, and ultimately evoke emotion.

In those ten years or so, I have found that I write less and less, and photograph more and more, but still use the same creative muscles. It is all the same head space to me, always having the visual in mind. Writing involved a translation process of hunting down the right word to capture the emotion.

Photography has freed me from that, the process becoming completely and exclusively visual. Juxtaposition and metaphor are still the driving forces for me, but in a wholly direct way, as if I have found my innate language, not a substitute that had been forced upon me.