Erin Davis

erin_davis_1N. 41° 16’ 16.53”, E 26° 41’ 58.99”
November 2012 Image
Archival Inkjet Print Size: 31″ x 31″
Price: $400

Charlotte, NC

Artist Statement
During WWI, the US military would send planes over large areas in Europe that were to be bombed in order to scout the area via aerial photographs. These documentations gave a cold and distant gaze on Earth’s surface from above, encompassing an entire civilization in an almost scientific perspective. This practice was dubbed, Reconnaissance, and has been used as a military tactic ever since. The idea of distancing one’s self literally and emotionally from a given space is done constantly as a means to cope with every day life, especially when making life and death decisions. This series comments on the different levels of reconnaissance constantly occurring on all organizational levels, both on a grand and microscopic scale.