Erik Hagen

Dolphin_McD's 001

Dolphin McD’s
Inkjet print

Culver City, CA

Artist Statement
These are images as prose, each one telling its own story and together a collection of stories. Together, they tell of once powerful symbols confronted by contemporary reality, of loneliness and desperation thinly veiled, of memories and possessions relocated to landfills, and of people passing through and contemplating where to go and what is next. I am transfixed by these transient moments of displacement and longing, and can only seek to understand it by capturing its semblance before it is gone. In this way, these images become a personal documentary, but cast through the experience of another person or place mirroring my own sense of unrest. When making images I am the ghost of a cigar roller, I am the man waiting in a suit, I am the woman fishing for dinner off the side of a bridge, I am the awkward teenager taking a smoke break behind Taco Bell. The images I leave behind are theirs as much as mine. I do not draw a line between beauty and tragedy because one can always become the other.