Christine Agro


Winter Magnolia Bud Mandala 1
January 27, 2013
19in x 19in / Framed 24in x 24in
Digitally Manipulated Photograph $650

Poughkeepsie, NY

Artist Statement

In this work I combine the energy of nature with the healing, meditative power of Mandalas by photographing images from nature and then digitally manipulating the images. The mandala has been historically used to deepen ones connection to the universe and as a reminder that we are microcosms of the macrocosm (the whole is contained within each of us).

The two images presented here are of the winter buds of a magnolia tree and the pine needles of a pine tree. The Magnolia Tree sets its buds for next year’s blossoms during the summer. During the winter, the gray velvety outer casing protects the new growth, just waiting to blast forth in the Spring. The Winter Magnolia Bud reminds us that within us, there is always new growth ready to flower. With the Pine Needles they are rich in vitamin c and their scent is both fresh and uplifting. In winter with their evergreen-ness we are remind by them that there is support for us year-long, emotionally, mentally and physically.

I have been working with Mandalas since 1999, always interested in drawing in the energy of unexpected subjects and deepening the meditative and energetic quality of the Mandalas by accessing the energy of the subjects.