Brett Henrikson

henrikson_brett_minor_attractions_3Mount Rushmore, Mount Rushmore
Traditional C-Print
19×19 inches dry-mounted with float matte onto 24×24 museum board
1/10 edition, 2012

Providence, RI

Artist Statement
These images were made during an epic pilgrimage, a solo road trip into America and the monumentality that is the west. I found myself in the most iconic locations surrounded by vacationers making romanticized images. The national parks are places where for most the activity is photography and posterity. People let down their guards are willing to be photographed. These images are about the people and places between these photo destinations, serendipitous encounters with strangers that make up my west.

We seek out the wild almost as an homage to the fears and dreams we as a species once held. This is the true west. The way our culture experiences nature, a cultural interaction with nature that goes unnoticed in our pursuit of the wild.