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Artwell is entering a critical period in its evolution and needs member support more than ever. We need to be more than artists who create and share our work with each other and the public, and participate in classes and workshops provided by our Creative Learning Center. Every member needs to give back in ways large and small. I’m not talking about just giving back to the organization directly, but thinking more locally and globally. By volunteering to gallery sit so the public can see the work we present, by teaching a workshop to kids who crave art but don’t get enough in school, by inviting a friend or relative who has never heard of Artwell to one of our events, by working with Amnesty International to help free imprisoned artists, by supporting our sister businesses and organizations.

This year I will be asking all who choose to participate as Artwell members to make a commitment to volunteer at least two hours in 2014 to helping Artwell to become THE community art center in Litchfield County. In return, depending on membership level, members will be able to participate in one or more exhibition(s) for free each year, as well as receive discounts on a Creative Learning Center class, including our popular BYOB Painting Parties, and Kids’ Art Club.

For all the benefits of membership, please see the 2014 membership form, available in the gallery and on our website. We look forward to your new or renewed membership. Our annual Members’ Exhibition is right around the corner-hope to see you and your work there!
Art For All!
Michael Yurgeles, Executive Director