Our Service Area

The size of Artwell’s broadcast audience is approximately 50,000. Because of its location in the densely populated City of Torrington, Artwell serves both urban and rural communities. Artwell draws much of its audience from Torrington and Northwest Connecticut, although about 8 percent comes from throughout Connecticut and parts of New York and Massachusetts. More than 250 individuals, families and businesses make up Artwell’s membership. More than 3,600 individuals visit and participate in Artwell’s events annually. Artwell’s audience for exhibitions and performances is 85 percent adult. The audience for educational offerings is 90 percent children.

Our Goals

•To showcase contemporary visual works by both professional and amateur artists.
•To offer instruction in traditional visual art forms.
•To offer instruction in emerging and technology-based visual art forms.
•To offer educational lectures on the visual arts.
•To organize symposia in which member artists can discuss various aspects of the visual arts, including their use and meaning in contemporary society.
•To provide a clearinghouse of helpful information and resources that artists may access to promote their artistic growth and development.
•To operate the gallery in such a way that it encourages the cultural and economic revitalization of downtown Torrington.
•To offer to the community a unique environment and attractive space for performances, as well as public and private meetings and receptions.